Kohonawala Village

Kohonawala Village is situated in the Uva Province.

Distance from Ella – 42.9 km (1 hour 36 minutes)

Kohonawala Village is situated in the Uva Province. It is an isolated village located at the bottom of a deep, narrow gorge. The village is popular for getting the least number of hours of sunlight (6 hours a day) among all places in Sri Lanka. According to folklore, the indigenous people of Sri Lanka, the “Veddhas” used to live in this village long time ago. The leader of the Veddhas was good at archery and so he won a contest of shooting an arrow through a golden ring. This gave his clan the name ‘Ranpath Mudiyanselage’, which is the surname of each and every person in Kohanawala up to date. It is a beautiful village surrounded by the misty mountains and the best of nature.

Getting to Kohonawala Village

From Ella travel along the Bandarawela – Badulla Road passing Kumbalwela and Demodara up to Badulla. From Badulla travel along Malangamuwa Road and Muthumala – Kahataruppa Road to reach the Kohonawala Village which is situated in the Uva Province.

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