Sapugahadola Ella Falls

Sapugahadola Ella Falls are situated in the Hambantota district.

Distance from Galle – 81 km (2 hours 8 minutes)

Sapugahadola Ella Falls are situated in the Hambantota district. It is one of the very few waterfalls found in this district. It stands at a height of 25 meters and flows down the Rammale mountain range. The fall is located near the Sitamgalla Temple.

Sapugahadola Ella Fall flows on to the Warapitiya Reservoir and thereafter to the Kirma River. The waterfall is also known as Sapugaharoda Ella and Ranmale Biso Ella. Sapugahadola Ella is frequently visited by locals and foreign travellers due to a small hotel which has been built close to this waterfall. There is also a small ledge built across the stream at the bottom of the waterfall creating a small pool to bathe in.


Getting to Sapugahadola Ella Falls

From Galle take the Southern Expressway up until Matara. From there turn to Matara – Hakmana Road and go past Thihagoda, Puhulwella, Kirinda and Hakmana up until Walasmulla. At Walasmulla continue on Warapitiya – Kirama Road up until you meet Warapitiya – Walasmulla Road slightly to the left. Travel on this road for about 4 km until you reach Sapugahadola Ella Falls.

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