Narangamuwa Lakegala Mountain

Narangamuwa Lakegala Mountain is a popular hiking area situated in Matale.

Distance from Matale – 84.1 km (1 hour 46 minutes)

Introduction to Narangamuwa Lakegala Mountain

Narangamuwa Lakegala Mountain is a popular hiking area situated in Matale. It consists of two peaks namely Meemure Lakegala and Narangamuwa Lakegala. Meemure Lakegala is a dangerous hike which requires much hiking skills. Lakegala Mountain is about 1310 meters high and its name translates to “The Rock of Lanka”. It is known to be among the hardest hikes in Sri Lanka.

Hiking Narangamuwa Lakegala Mountain

Lakegala Mountain is situated within the Knuckles Mountain Range. Although challenging, it is one of the best hiking spots in Sri Lanka.

Tips for hiking Narangamuwa Lakegala Mountain;

– Have a guide from the village with you and do not attempt to hike the mountain on your own.
– Avoid hiking the mountain during the rainy season. The months of August and September are the best for hiking Lakegala.
– Take appropriate mountain climbing gear, equipment and ample amounts of food and water along with you.

Unique Features of Narangamuwa Lakegala Mountain

The Lakegala Mountain has a unique triangular shape which is said to resemble the Matterhorn of the Rockies. It is also famed as one of the highest bare rock outcrops in the world that needs to be climbed only by expert hikers equipped with appropriate mountain climbing gear. Due to its location in the remote Meemure village, the mountain is mostly undisturbed by the external world and has abundant flora and fauna in its surroundings. The Lakegala Mountain is situated more than 4000 feet above sea level.

Legends surrounding Narangamuwa Lakegala Mountain

There are many legends surrounding the Lakegala Mountain. One such legend is that King Ravana ruled the kingdom of Sri Lanka from the summit of Lakegala. Another popular belief is that Lord Buddha left his footprint on this mountain during his third visit to Sri Lanka.

Getting to Narangamuwa Lakegala Mountain

From Matale take the Kandy – Jaffna Highway and go past Thotagamuwa and Naula until Meemure. Travel along the Narangamuwa Road to reach the Narangamuwa Lakegala Mountain.

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