Lunuganga Estate

Lunuganga Estate is situated in Dedduwa, Bentota.

Distance from Galle – 62.9 km (1 hour 24 minutes)

Lunuganga Estate is situated in Dedduwa, Bentota. It is the country house of the renowned Sri Lankan Architect, Geoffrey Bawa. The estate has a long history to it. It has been used as a cinnamon estate during the Dutch era and thereafter as a rubber estate under the British. Bawa bought the property, which is located on the banks of Dedduwa Lake in Bentota, in 1969. He continued to develop the property until his death in 2003. It contains many artifacts from Asia and Europe. At present, the property is managed by the “Lunuganga Trust”, which is formed by a group of Bawa’s close friends. The gardens are open to the public while the buildings serve as a country house hotel.

Getting to Lunuganga Estate

From Galle travel along the Southern Expressway passing Elpitiya up to Bentota to reach the Lunuganga Estate which is situated in Dedduwa, Bentota.

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