The fishing town of Mirissa has so many attractions for its visitors that include a mix of culture, beaches and also religious sites. Some of the attractions to not miss during a trip to Mirissa are the Mirissa Beach, Secret Beach, Coconut Tree Hill, Parrot rock, Snake Farm and Paravi Duwa Temple.


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Mirissa is a small fishing town situated along the southern coast of Sri Lanka. It is extremely popular for whale watching, surfing, snorkelling, diving and many other types of water sports. Surrounding areas of Weligama and Matara are also popular for water activities and has cultural importance as well.

Mirissa and its surrounding towns have so many lovely beaches including the Mirissa Beach, Secret Beach, Polhena Beach, Madiha Beach, Midigama Beach, Weligama Beach, Matara Beach, Kabalana Beach and Medawatta Beach etc.

There are many more popular tourist attractions in this quaint coastal town and surrounding area such as Coconut Tree Hill, Parrot Rock, Snake Farm and Kirala Kele Sanctuary etc.

This southern coastal area has a large number of religious sites including the popular Agrabodhi Raja Maha Viharaya, Samudragiri Viharaya, Thalaramba Sri Mahendraramaya, Sucharithodhayaramaya, Tenavaram Temple, Rathnagira Rajamaha Viharaya, Weherahena Poorwarama Rajamaha Viharaya, Paravi Duwa Temple and the Matara Bodhiya etc.

All of these and many more attractions are just why anyone needs to visit the amazing town of Mirissa and its surrounding areas. A little bit of beach and sunshine could just be the type of getaway you have been wanting for a very long time.