Matale is an area popular for hiking and is a paradise for the nature and adventure lovers. Popular attractions of the area include hiking spots such as Riverstone Gap, Pitawala Pathana and Manigala, waterfalls such as Bambarakiri Ella, Hunasfalls Waterfall and Sera Ella Falls and religious sites such as the Nalanda Gedige and Aluvihare Rock Temple.


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Matale is a district situated in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. It is located in close proximity to the hill capital, Kandy. Matale is surrounded by the popular Knuckles Mountain Range. As a result Matale is popular for hiking and has many great hiking trails for the adventure lovers.

Matale is a scenic district with many towns and villages with beautiful surroundings. There are many waterfalls in the area including Bambarakiri Ella, Hunasfalls Waterfall, Sera Ella Falls, Yatawatta Biso Ella Waterfall, Balakaduwa Ella Waterfall and many more. Some of the popular hiking trails of the area are the Riverstone Gap, Pitawala Pathana, the foothills of the Knuckles Mountain Range named Wiltshire, Manigala, Arangala and many more.

Matale is also popular for spices and has may spice gardens within the district including the Matale town. It is also home to many popular religious sites such as the Nalanda Gedige, Aluvihare Rock Temple and Sri Muthumariamman Temple.

Matale should be part of every traveller’s itinerary and is a beautiful part of the pearl island to visit during any time of the year.