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Sri Lanka is a land like no other and each person has his own reason for visiting the pearl of the Indian Ocean. It has a rich history starting from King Vijaya and leading on to the evasions of the Portugese, Dutch and British.
Sri Lanka is rich in cultivation and has been most famed for its tea, rubber and coconut plantations. It is also a naturally beautiful country with so much of natural resources in the form of beaches, waterfalls, hills, rivers etc.

One can be awed with the beauty this island holds and this has given an uplifting to the tourism industry of the nation. We hope to give a much bigger boost to Sri Lanka tourism industry by lending a hand for locals and tourists to travel around the country with much ease.

Through this website we have identified many unknown and rarely visited places of the country. There are so many attractive sites to visit across the country and we have mapped out these places along with how to get there and the duration to reach the intended destination.

This website is a one stop place to find out information on any type of tourist attraction in Sri Lanka. You are always welcome to drop in your comments and suggestions so that we can further improve this website. You are also most welcome to suggest any new locations which you happen to come across during your travels in Sri Lanka. Feel free to write articles about such places so that you can help your fellow traveler to get the most of his travels in Sri Lanka.

All in all we hope to give out the best of what Sri Lanka has to offer any kind of traveler. With time we hope that these places will be identified internationally and that Sri Lanka Tourism will get the benefit of it and take the country towards a new level of hope and prosperity.